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Car Ceramic Coating Perth

Car Ceramic Paint Protection Coating Perth Immaculate looking paintwork makes any car look impressive, like it just rolled off the showroom floor. But maintaining that pristine looking paintwork is no easy task. Just being exposed to the harsh Sun, to say nothing of muddy conditions or the daily wear of driving on the road, will […]

House Window Tinting Perth car window tinting Perth

Why We Recommend Home Window Tinting

House Window Tinting Perth Many of us have seen tinted windows on cars, office buildings or residential homes. This can look very impressive on many styles of architecture, and on many vehicles. Often people think it is about appearances alone, not realising the other benefits. Good tinting can protect against harsh sunlight and keep home […]

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The Best Car Window Treatment

Car Window Tinting Perth The glass in Car windows will not block UV or infrared light, and this can cause problems over time. UV (Ultra Violet) light is the invisible energy from the Sun that causes both Sunburn on skin, and the eventual fading of paint, upholstery and fabric. It is in everybody’s best interest […]

House Window Tinting Perth

Treatments for Home Windows

House Window Tinting Perth Plain glass will not really block much ultraviolet radiation (UV light) from Sunlight. It will Block some higher band UV, the kind that cause Sunburn, but not the lower UV that causes paint or fabric to fade. This Lower UV light will cause some damage skin and eyes. Plain glass does […]

House Window Tinting Perth

House Window Tinting

House Window Tinting Perth Windows can be tinted by applying a thin outer film. This serves several purposes. Some people like the look of a darker tint on windows. A darker tint can also provide some privacy. Additionally, a tinted window can block Infrared and Ultraviolet rays, even when the tinting is clear and does […]

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Why Install a Dash Camera Perth

Dash Camera Perth This is certainly a case of modern technology being put to good use. A Dash Camera constantly records the view from the front of your car. So if there is an accident the camera provides some solid objective footage of what occured. The camera can also provide useful footage if there is […]

Car Detailing Perth Car Wash Perth

Should I Have Company Cars Detailed?

Car Detailing Perth As well as the many private vehicles we drive a few of us have company vehicles. These may be neat looking company cars for general transport, or they might be trade vehicles that are outfitted for a specific type of work. Either way, if we want to make a good impression on […]

Car Detailing Perth

Under Car Cleaning

Car Detailing Perth Detailing aims to bring the car back to brand new appearance. But it also benefits how well the car functions in the long term. Well kept paint protects metal from rusting. Air conditioning functions better when ducts are clean. Clean windows improve visibility. And cleaning under the car also makes a big […]

Car Detailing Perth

Car Detailing

Car Detailing Perth Many people have their car washed on a regular basis, or at least a semi-regular basis. But most don’t get the car detailed. Many aren’t even aware of the distinction. Detailing cleans the individual surfaces of the car, from the chrome to the tyres, Upholstery to the dashboard. If a car wash […]

Car Detailing Perth

Interior Car Air

Car Detailing Perth Car detailing looks after all the accumulated small spaces and surfaces of the car. This means shiny chrome and trim outside, and immaculate seats and carpets inside. Part of the interior cleaning is the interior smell. Ideally a car should have no smell, or perhaps the smell of whatever we hang from […]