Car Advertising Perth

If you have company vehicles you should maximise their use. They are already out on the road, so make them work for you by advertising your services and products. Vinyl wraps can be fitted to any car, and can carry almost any design. Have you business name and style out on the road when the public can appreciate it.


Traditional Car Wrap Advertising Perth

A serious business can look all the more impressive for having a fleet of vehicles in the company colours. It can be as simple as a logo on the doors or as fancy as decorating the whole car. Whatever suits your business can be displayed on your vehicle, and convey your company message in a glance. Have representatives in the traffic and let the people know what your business is about.


Car wrap advertising can be adapted to many vehicles. You can have anything from small delivery vans to large trucks all carrying the company colours and message. Vehicles can be different in function and design, but still have a uniform appearance. A fleet of company vehicles shows your business to the world, and show that you’re a serious operation.


Guerrilla Advertising Car Wraps.

If uniform fleets of vehicles are the traditional form of advertising then guerrilla marketing is the other extreme. This uses the unorthodox approach to marketing, utilizing almost surreal images to convey a message or advertise a company. Imagine a semi-trailer decorated like a giant chocolate bar, a bus apparently being squashed by a giant snake, or any business car designed to look like the product being sold. That is at least part of guerrilla advertising.


If you can see your vehicle decorated in a unique way that advertises your product or services then a vinyl warp can either make that happen, or be a significant part of the final design. Vinyl warps are all the more appropriate for the ever changing advertising world as they are relatively inexpensive and can be replaces as products or advertising campaigns change.


Car Advertising Perth

Considered advertising on your company cars? If you are interested in car advertising Perth based Perfect Hand Car Wash is the place to implement your ideas. Vinyl wraps can put any design n your car. Find what works best for your company, or ask Perfect Hand Car Wash for some solid advice on the best ways to make a car represent your business.