Perfect Hand Car Wash Perth

If you have a new car, or if you are restoring a car as a project, you will want to keep the car running and looking as good as possible. This is more than aesthetics and vanity. A car in really good working order is more reliable and safe that a neglected vehicle. And if we take pride in our car’s appearance we tend to drive to the best of our ability.

Some options are:

Car Window Tinting Perth

A car will heat up when left in the summer Sun. This is huge inconvenience when we need to drive, and bad for the car’s interior. Window tinting can all but illuminate this problem.

Tinted windows blocks both the infrared energy that heats up the car and the Ultraviolet light that causes Sun damage. This keeps the car cooler and protect everything inside, including us, from getting Sun burnt. And a cooler car means less energy spend on air conditioning, saving us money.

Front windscreens cannot be tinted (not completely) for legal reasons. But tinting the other windows greatly improves the environment inside your car. We recommend a shade for the windscreen when parking.

 Car Ceramic Paint Protection Coating Perth

The paintjob is probably the single greatest factor I separating a new looking car from a poorly kept one. Yet with the car exposed to the sun, weather and elements it would seem impossible keep the paintwork in immaculate condition.

Ceramic coating like ZENULEASE put a barrier between the paint and the harmful environment. This provides protection against UV sunlight and chemical agents. Other protection systems like wax will wear off, or need constant re-application, but Ceramic coatings means a shiny new car for years to come.

Consider the Car Ceramic Coating Perth drivers use on their prized vehicles.

Perfect car selection

Car Recording System Perth

It can be hard to tell what caused an auto accident. Even if we witness the event we were probably focused on driving safely rather than the object that came out of nowhere and caused a collision. A car recording system can make the world of difference here. Video footage of an event is hard to argue with. More than a few people have been rightfully cleared of wrongdoing because of their car recording system.

Rear Parking Sensors Installation Perth

Rear parking sensors take the guess work out of parking and moving your car in tight spaces. Have an extra set of eyes to keep you informed, and enhance you driving skills.

Use a parking sensor installation Perth residents rely on.

Hand Car Wash Perth

A clean car is a source of pride, and even runs a little more efficiently. Automatic car washes tend to be a bit harsh on the car paintwork, eventually wearing it out. A good hand wash means personal care for your car.

Keep your car at its best with a regular hand wash.

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