Hand Car Wash Como

Perfect Carwash and Detailing Perth provides fast, reliable and affordable hand car wash services in Como, Perth.

Premium Hand Car Wash Como

Using a reliable hand car wash that is gentle on paintwork and finish, we keep every owners vehicle in premium condition, using the latest materials to products to maintain everything from the painted finish to the finest details of the internal facilities.

Our detailing service is second to none. The inside of a modern vehicle contains many different materials, from synthetics and plastics to natural carpets and leather trim. We have the right cleaning products for each of these, and can bring your cars inside appearance to as near to new as possible. The external materials do not vary as much, but correct treatment and products for car paint, chrome and tires are an essential matter. Our environmentally friendly approach to external car cleaning is the result of years of experience; you will not find a better result anywhere.

But we are about more than the standard car wash, or even technologically enhanced washing and detailing. We also do window tinting, install parking sensors and provide car recording systems.