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Choosing Window Film

Anyone who has stayed in Perth long enough knows that our marketplace is extremely limited. It is only once we have had a chance to travel that we discover that there is a huge array products on offer, usually cheaper and better quality than what we can currently access in Perth.

The window film marketplace is no exception.

Fm7 Australia has created a series of film designed to cover all budgets, shade and heating reduction preferences.
Starting with an Economic Class right through to the exceptional Royal Class, we can offer the darkest legal tint (Western Australian standards) across different budgets.

With this premium quality window film, we provide premium quality window tinting services for cars and houses in Perth.
Flexibility without sacrificing quality.

Choosing Window Film

Know your tint terminology

  • VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) : The total visible light that passes through the window and or window film. This is shown as a percentage, the lower the percentage, the darker the film. For example, a 5% VLT film is very dark ie a limo tint, while a 50% window film is relatively light.
  • Did you know: In WA, the lowest VLT allowed on a passenger vehicle is 35% on the front side windows and 20% on the rear sides and back windows. Many tint companies advertise the "darkest legal tint" but only install 35% VLT as a standard and charge extra for 20% on the back windows. FM7 does not.
  • TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejected) : The total amount of solar energy (heat) rejected by the window film once installed. The higher the percentage, the more heat that is simply rejected away. The more heat rejected, the more effect you will see on lowering your summer cooling costs.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation Rejection : This is the total amount of ultraviolet radiation that is prevented from passing through your window.
  • Infrared Rejection : The amount of solar infrared radiation that is prevented from passing through the window film.

Royal Class

The absolute premium of window film

We have yet to come across a competitors film that comes even close to the cooling properties of our Royal Class series. For car and property owners who appreciate state-of-the-art technology, this film series offers everything. Superb looks and incredible heat reduction, Royal Class is a luxe film range.

If you were to visit us and experience this film, you will realise how far ahead FM7 films are from our competition.

Top Class

All Top Class products have heat resistant functionality with a life-time durability.
Our products made of advanced carbon materials and high quality chip-dyed films will extend
the life span of building windows and car interiors as well as giving long-lasting natural colors.
The heat resistant material for Top Class is a FM7 unique material, displaying strong durability
and higher heat resistance compared to other ceramic materials.
Top Class products made with the cutting edge technology help maintaining better quality
for your precious building and cars.

Gold Class

FM7 Gold Class Film gives you the best budget vs heat reduction qualities. With an outstanding lifespan, functions and visual transparency, this film series far exceeds other well known brands within similar prices ranges.

What is the difference between Super Cut and Gold Class? You would have to come in to truly feel the difference but, simply put, the heat reduction of Gold Class film is significantly higher. So much so that even after a few seconds under our tester, the difference is extremely noticeable.

FM7 Gold Class film products have gone through multiple tests and experiments to obtain
stronger internal structures. Accordingly, FM7 Gold Class film demonstrates no loss of heat resistance even after many years in use. It truly is a highly functional product which cannot be compared to other low priced products.

Besides offering a higher 10 year lift warranty with Gold Class, this film has a significantly higher IR cut and higher TSER rating. These higher percentages translates to a much cooler parked car or building interior in summer, even if the VLT is higher (shade is lighter).

Choose from a range of VLT shades including the darkest legal tints (35% on the front sides and 20% on the rear sides and back windows) for your vehicle. Or if you prefer a lighter shade for your car or building but want high heat reduction, this series will be your entry point as it can keep you cooler than a darker shade in the Super Cut series.

Super Cut

The starting point of FM7 film is the Super Cut series.

Available in a range of VLT's (shades) including the darkest legal tint, this series offers higher heat resistance qualities at a fantastic price.

Backed by a 10 year lift warranty on the installation and the film itself, we consider the Super Cut series as our entry-level range however, it is comparable with the mid-range tint films offered by other major tinting companies in Australia.

The Super Cut series is amazingly good value for car and property owners who are on a budget.

Economy Class

If you have a car you are selling and want to advertise it as tinted, or if you want the look of the darkest legal tint and don't care about a lift warranty, then the Economy Class is for you.

Available in VLT's of 35% and 20% and with a starting price of $140 (including GST), this film is the cheapest darkest legal tint on the market. Although no lift warranty is offered on this film, it still has a UV protection value of 99%, is still professionally installed by our technicians and does have heat resistant functionality, though it is limited.

Film Test

There is a very simple reason why we have a film tester - we are proud of our film performance.
All the agencies of FM7 including FM7 Australia are equipped with heated testers allowing customers to actually "feel" the temperature differences. You will be able to not only see the differences between our film series, but also compare our film to what is currently on the market.