Hand car wash Perth


Hand car wash Perth PERFECT CARWASH AND DETAILING in Applecross focuses on car detailing by utilizing the latest technology and equipment. Our goal is to recover and maintain our customers’ cars in great condition without using paint. We offer a wide range of services, from the basics of car washing to comprehensive car detailing services. We can […]

Car Window Tinting Perth

Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting Perth Window tinting is put on Cars for several different reasons. Often people just like the look of the darker windows. But the tinting also protects the car’s interior and greatly reduces the heat inside the vehicle. This protection and heat reduction comes form the ability of the tinting to reduce non-visible […]

Dash Camera Perth

Dash Camera Perth

Dash Camera Perth Let’s start with this: a car dash camera automatically records the exterior view from the front of your car. Moreover, dash cams, or car dashboard cameras, are becoming popular among car drivers today. It’s because footage can be used as pieces of evidence for collisions or road accidents. A dash cam is […]

Car detailing Perth

Car detailing Perth – Fresh Smell

Fresh Smelling Car Car detailing Perth We use our cars on a regular basis. If we don’t look after them they can accumulate junk and become unclean. This can lead to a poor smelling experience when driving. It is better to have a good looking and clean smelling car, so we enjoy the experience. We […]

Car Wash Perth

Preserving Our Investment

Preserving Our Investment- Car Wash Perth    A popular 1960’s book, The Waste Makers, claimed that people no longer expected their purchases to last, and that society has developed the habit of quickly buying new products to replace the old ones that soon fail. Much of what was predicted back then has come to pass. […]

Cleaning Jargon

Cleaning Jargon

Cleaning Jargon Any specialist industry has its own set of terms that refer to objects, concept and practices that are largely unique to that area of expertise. Car detailing is no exception. Some Car cleaning Jargon helps to understand how this particular industry works. Car Detailing Perth Degreaser – a solvent that quickly removes oil, […]

Vehicle Detailing Perth

Vehicle Detailing Perth   Car Detailing Perth The old adage was that the devil was in the details. The seemingly little details of any project may be the thing that make or break the end result. We can see this with a detailed car. It looks better, even better than a car that has simply […]

Panel Beating

Panel Beating Damage to the metal panel work of a car can be repaired by panel beating. This is a highly skilled job. No two situations are identical with damaged panels, so the panel beater must approach and repair each damaged panel with a mind for the best solution. While there are standard techniques there […]

Car Recording System Perth

Dash cams, also known as car recording systems, will continuously record the view through the vehicle’s front windscreen. Some models will also record the vehicle’s speed and GPS position. The great advantage of a car recording camera is for providing video evidence in the event of an emergency. Video footage is fairly conclusive. Australia’s legal […]

Hot Summer Daze

We have all experienced a car left in the hot summer sun. The temperature on a moderate day can easily reach 35 degrees inside a car in less than an hour, with the steering wheel, dashboard and seats getting much hotter. With Recent Australian summer weather getting over 40 degrees it is often much hotter […]