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Should I Have Company Cars Detailed?

Car Detailing Perth As well as the many private vehicles we drive a few of us have company vehicles. These may be neat looking company cars for general transport, or they might be trade vehicles that are outfitted for a specific type of work. Either way, if we want to make a good impression on […]

Car Detailing Perth

Under Car Cleaning

Car Detailing Perth Detailing aims to bring the car back to brand new appearance. But it also benefits how well the car functions in the long term. Well kept paint protects metal from rusting. Air conditioning functions better when ducts are clean. Clean windows improve visibility. And cleaning under the car also makes a big […]

Car Detailing Perth

Car Detailing

Car Detailing Perth Many people have their car washed on a regular basis, or at least a semi-regular basis. But most don’t get the car detailed. Many aren’t even aware of the distinction. Detailing cleans the individual surfaces of the car, from the chrome to the tyres, Upholstery to the dashboard. If a car wash […]

Car Detailing Perth

Interior Car Air

Car Detailing Perth Car detailing looks after all the accumulated small spaces and surfaces of the car. This means shiny chrome and trim outside, and immaculate seats and carpets inside. Part of the interior cleaning is the interior smell. Ideally a car should have no smell, or perhaps the smell of whatever we hang from […]

House Window Tinting Perth

House Window Tinting

House Window Tinting Perth There has been a significant amount of media attention paid to blue light over the past few years. This was something that did not really concern previous generations. But the growing use of computers, and especially smartphones and portable devices, has meant that blue light is now an issue that we […]

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What Ruins Paint

Car Wash Perth Car paint can be bought to a fine polish when it is kept in good condition. But there are some situations and substances can damage paint, leaving it unable to be properly polished, ruining a car’s appearance. We should avoid these things: Dirty Cleaning equipment The tiniest piece of grime will scratch […]

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Car Detailing Perth PERFECT CARWASH AND DETAILING PERTH specializes in car detailing with the use of the latest technology and equipment. Our goal is to recover and maintain our customers’ cars in top condition minus using paint. We offer wide range of services, from basic car wash to comprehensive car detailing services. Remember, car detailing in Perth is […]

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Hand car wash Perth PERFECT CARWASH AND DETAILING in Applecross focuses on car detailing by utilizing the latest technology and equipment. Our goal is to recover and maintain our customers’ cars in great condition without using paint. We offer a wide range of services, from the basics of car washing to comprehensive car detailing services. We can […]

Car Window Tinting Perth

Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting Perth Window tinting is put on Cars for several different reasons. Often people just like the look of the darker windows. But the tinting also protects the car’s interior and greatly reduces the heat inside the vehicle. This protection and heat reduction comes form the ability of the tinting to reduce non-visible […]

Dash Camera Perth

Dash Camera Perth

Dash Camera Perth Let’s start with this: a car dash camera automatically records the exterior view from the front of your car. Moreover, dash cams, or car dashboard cameras, are becoming popular among car drivers today. It’s because footage can be used as pieces of evidence for collisions or road accidents. A dash cam is […]