Keeping Car Value

We all know a new car loses some value the moment we drive if off the lot. And we know it is exceedingly rare for a car to be sold for a profit, unless it is a classic collector’s item that cost a fortune to begin with. But with the right approach can means our […]

Advantages of Clean Car

Car Detailing Perth There is more to a well-kept vehicle than appearances. But maintaining the appearance of a car does have its benefits. If we all considered car detailing Perth roads could both look and run a little better. Fuel Efficiency There were two rival opinions on this for many years. Some auto enthusiasts believed […]

Cleaning Car Window Tinting Perth

Poorly maintained window tints look very unattractive. This is much less of an issue today as newer technology has made window tinting much more resilient. And the availability of quality microfiber cloths has made cleaning easier with less risk of damage. Nonetheless a good approach to cleaning tinted windows is always recommended. The windows should […]

Car Window Tinting

The light we see covers all the colours in the rainbow, Red through to Violet. Just beyond this is the Ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. We cannot see this UV, yet it contains a significant amount of energy. It is this UV light that causes damage to many items left exposed to the Sun, including our skin […]

New Car Smell

We want a detailed car to look good, but we also want it to smell clean. Opinions vary here. Some people like the ‘new car smell’ but this contains formaldehyde, which is not healthy with long term exposure. Other people equate a pleasant smell with no smell at all. This is probably a safe and […]