Car Accessories

Many accessories are just novelties, but a few actually perform useful functions.


A smartphone app can locate your car when you forget where you parked it. The car is fitted with a Bluetooth tracking device in the cigarette lighter, which can also charge the phone.

Phone and GPS Mounts

These can be suction types on the windscreen, or fit to the air vent.

Grip Pads or Dash Tray

Just a small but stable surface for part of the dashboard. Holds glasses, phone, toll money.

Some tray type variations will also hold a phone in an upright position.

Mini Vacuum

A little vacuum cleaner powered by the cigarette lighter. This almost makes cleaning enjoyable.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Avoid an unfortunate run in by giving your car visibility into the blind spot.

Mesh Net.

Great for shopping in the back of a wagon, this hold things in place.

Portable Car Battery/ power bank

Enough to get the car started when the battery is flat. Small enough to fit in the glove compartment of door pocket. Essential for the rare occasion when it is needed.

Flat Fix Can

A spray of sealant that seals a flat tire. Works in a few minutes, and it is enough to get you home or to the nearest garage.

Seat and Neck Pads

Be comfortable with a beaded seat cover. It even stops your phone from getting lost in the gap at the back of the seat. Of have some neck support

Car Recording System Perth

These mount behind the windscreen and make a video recording of what the driver is dealing with. In case of an accident they provide reliable testimony as to what actually transpired.

Rear Parking Sensor Installation Perth

Parking is a tricky part of driving a car. There will always be a blind spot when reversing. But rear parking sensors make this as simple as possible. Avoid damaging the car when you have rear parking sensors.

Car Wash Perth

Keeping everything about our car neat, clean and functional makes for a better experience. Arrange a regular car cleaning, including clean windows with optimal visibility.


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