Car Ceramic Coating Perth

When it comes to a car’s appearance the paintwork is the most salient aspect. There is little that can be done for flawed paintwork other than replace it. Nothing can really compensate in any way for damaged paint. Preserving the appearance and shine of paintwork is the Holy Grail when it comes to the looking after the appearance of an automobile.

We could go to extremes and cover the entire car with a vehicle wrap. This will certainly preserve the painted finish, but it prevents us from actually seeing the paint; we are effectively hiding the car. If you want to preserve the paint for resale value this might be a good option. Commercial vehicles often do this when they use a vehicle wrap to display company colours and logos. But private car owners want to show how good the car and its paintwork look, not hide the vehicle behind a wrap.

Car Ceramic Coating Perth
An increasingly popular alternative to repeated car waxing or vehicle wraps is Nano coatings. These are clear, hard, ceramic coatings that protect the car’s paintwork and provide a shiny finish. This is similar to the principle of coating ceramics, but based on more advanced technology. The coating is invisible other than the extra shine it provides.

The technology used for ceramic car coatings is based on polymers. These coatings bond at a chemical level, so they are more than just an additional clear coat of paint or vanish. The surface layer they create literally prevents water from staying on the vehicle. Ceramic coating bond to the paint underneath but will not let anything bond to the outside of the vehicle. Moisture and dust slide away, acidic compounds cause no damage, and the Sun’s UV rays do not compromise the car’s appearance.

Car Ceramic Paint Protection Coating Perth 
If your car’s appearance is important to you, especially if you wish to preserve the appearance for resale, consider a clear ceramic, nanoparticle coating such as Zenulease Protective coating.


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