Car detailing Perth

Car detailing Perth – Fresh Smell

Fresh Smelling Car

Car detailing Perth

We use our cars on a regular basis. If we don’t look after them they can accumulate junk and become unclean. This can lead to a poor smelling experience when driving.

It is better to have a good looking and clean smelling car, so we enjoy the experience.

We can freshen the car by:

  • Air fresheners. These are readily available. Find a scent you like, and put the freshener over an air vent to help spread the scent. Or hand it behind the rear view mirror.
  • Dryer sheets. Leave one of these under a seat, or under a seat cover. They reduce static and freshen the air.
  • Essential Oils – some essential oils on a clay disc will work effectively.
  • Charcoal – a charcoal Briquette will absorb moisture and poor odours.
  • Baking Soda – this absorbs a lot of odours form the air. Sprinkle it on the seats and floor, leave overnight, then vacuum.
  • Floormats – We drag dirt into the car. Floor mats are easier to clean than car floors. Clean thee one a week and be rid of one of the major sources of contamination.

A few people like the smell of a new car, but this is actually a slightly toxic chemical called formaldehyde. It is a by-product of the manufacturing process.


Professional Car detailing Perth

Car detailing looks after all the accumulated small details of a vehicle. This is about making them shine, and keeping them hygienic. Regular detailing will keep a car smelling neutral. This neutral background helps considerably if we wish to add a scent of our own.

Car cleaning services may use an ozone generator to deodorize a car. This briefly create an environment that suffocates any bacteria or mould inside the car.


Car window tinting Perth

Window tinting is about keeping the inside of the car cooler, and protecting the furnishings from the damage of sunlight. This makes the atmosphere inside the car far more comfortable. A pleasant temperature inside the car will help reduce any unpleasant odours.


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