Car Detailing Perth

Car Detailing Perth

Car detailing looks after the windows, chrome trim, wheel and paintwork of a vehicle.

The paintwork is perhaps the most prominent feature. The finish and shine on this painted surface will last far longer and look far better if treated with wax. This is because the wax provides a barrier that protects the paint underneath.

An alternative to wax is an external ceramic coating on the paint.


When types look new it reflects well on the appearance of the vehicle. Merely cleaning the tyres will not give this new appearance. The tyre surface must be restored to the original black colour with an appropriate tyre black product. These products are expensive, but used by professionals who detail cars.

Some chemical cleaners will quickly damage the rubber of types. This is dangerous as the tyre can crack and fail at any time. Only appropriate car products should be used.

Car Windows

Car windows have always been tricky to clean. Everybody agrees that clean windows are important for driver visibility. But the appearance is important too. Poor cleaning technique will cause streaking and possible damage to the car.

Car windows require ammonia free detergents, because ammonia will damage rubber seals. They also require cleaning with microfiber cloths and proper blotting materials. Temperature is also important as rapid drying in hot weather causes streaking.

Hand Car Wash Perth

A good car wash is performed with the right products and with the right technique. It is mainly about the car’s appearance, but clear windows are also a safety issue. At the same time there is the psychological advantage in driving a clean car – drivers will tend to look after a car they take pride in. Clean cars have also been shown to slightly more fuel efficient.

Car Window Tinting Perth

The interior of a car can be protected with window tinting. Protection against UV rays prevents damage to the car’s upholstery; protection against infrared keep the car much cooler.


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