Car Detailing Perth

PERFECT CARWASH AND DETAILING PERTH specializes in car detailing with the use of the latest technology and equipment. Our goal is to recover and maintain our customers’ cars in top condition minus using paint. We offer wide range of services, from basic car wash to comprehensive car detailing services. Remember, car detailing in Perth is a relaxing experience at Perfect Hand Car Wash. All the care that your car needs will be given with a lot of care and professionalism.   

We can also provide customized services to meet your every need. You won’t see our exquisite services at other standard car washes. We are the only ones providing these services.

PERFECT HAND CARWASH AND DETAILING PERTH currently works with new and second hand car dealers. Now, you are able to access the same superb quality service at low, low prices. Most customers are left satisfied and return to us for more of our services. We promise you, we will deliver delicate and amazing services at very reasonable prices.

Car detailing in Perth is amazing at perfect hand Car wash. When you bring your car, whether it’s second hand or brand new, we will assure that we will give it the best care you can get here in Perth.

We offer hand car wash services in the following areas:



Victoria Park