Car Recording System Perth

Dash cams, also known as car recording systems, will continuously record the view through the vehicle’s front windscreen. Some models will also record the vehicle’s speed and GPS position.

The great advantage of a car recording camera is for providing video evidence in the event of an emergency. Video footage is fairly conclusive.

Australia’s legal system allows footage from car recording systems to be used in court as part of the admissible evidence. Recording of video footage is acceptable so long as the footage does not infringe on the personal rights of others.

Recording memory

Obviously the camera does not have infinite memory capacity, so older footage is wiped over as new footage is recorded.

Safer driving

One easily overlooked aspect of dash cameras is their deterrent effect – drivers tend to drive safely and be well behaved when they know there is a camera recording them. This means that cameras can help prevent accident as well as provide reliable evidence if an accident does occur.

Car Recording System Perth

Perfect car had wash will include installation with all car dash recording systems sold.


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