Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting Perth

There are both practical and stylistic reasons for putting tinted windows on your car.

Car with tinted windows have a snazzy look. It depends on the colour of the car, but tinted windows give many cars a more stylish sporting look.

Practical aspects of Automobile Window Tinting Perth

Energy from the Sun consists of a lot more than just visible light. Amid other energies there is Infrared light, just below visible light, and ultraviolet light, just above visible light.

Cars will heat up in the bright Sun because of the energy of infrared light. Tinted windows, along with a shield under the windscreen, will remove 99% of this problem. A cars exterior will be affected by the Sun, but the interior will remain reasonably cool.

The interior of a car with clear windows is prone to Ultraviolet damage. Over time ultraviolet light will cause many materials on seats and dashboards to fade and crack. This is the same ultraviolet light that causes sunburn. Tinted windows block out 99% of ultraviolet light, protecting the interior of the car. This will also stop passengers and the driver in the car form getting sunburnt.

For safety reasons the windscreen of a car cannot be tinted. This is why a reflective shield should be used under the windscreen when parking.

House window tinting Perth

House interiors are also prone to ultraviolet damage. Curtains can often prevent outside light from damaging carpets and furniture, which may fade and crake over time. But unless the windows are tinted the curtains will be prone to damage.

Tinted window can also prevent houses from heating up in the Sun, which saves on air conditioning costs.

Car Ceramic Paint Protection Coating Perth

Consider Tinted windows to protect your car’s interior, and consider a protective coat to protect the car’s panted finish.


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