Car Window Tinting Perth

Car Window Tinting Perth

Car manufacturers recognize the advantages of UV and infrared filtering, so modern car often have these filters in their window glass. The removal of UV light greatly reduces damage to the car interior, and the removal of infrared light prevent the cart heating up in the Sun. Owners of cars, including cars of recent manufacture, often choose to have UV/ infrared protection added to their vehicle windows. The tinting on these windows is a pleasant added bonus.

Window Tinting Perth

Regular glass, at least the type installed in automobiles, will block most high end UV light but not all of the low end UV. This effectively means that it will block the UV light that causes sunburn, but not all of the UV light that causes skin cancer or premature aging.

Professionally tinted windows will block far more UV light. They will completely block out high end UV light that causes Sunburn, and up to 80% of the lower end UV light that damages skin. This is a huge improvement over regular glass.

Tinting provides another huge improvement when it comes to infrared light. This not only prevents cars heating up in the Sun, it also reduces air condition energy and the effective cost of running the car.

Australian law has some requirements for window tinting. These vary between states
The Visible Light Transference (VLT) must be above the state set limit. VLT refers to the light that comes through the glass. A VLT of 40% means that only 40% of visible light comes through, with 60% of the visible light blocked out.

Victoria and Tasmania must have 35% VLT on tinting.

The Northern territory allows up to 15% VLT

Other states (NSW, QLD, SA, ACT, WA) have a 20% VLT limit.

Front windshield cannot be tinted. This is a legal requirement as it may interfere with driver visibility. The very top section of a windscreen can be tinted.

Tinting and Car Detailing Perth

Tinted window are a stylish and functional addition to any car. We recommend a reflective cover for the front windscreen when parking to prevent the car heating up.


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