Car Window Tinting


The light we see covers all the colours in the rainbow, Red through to Violet. Just beyond this is the Ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. We cannot see this UV, yet it contains a significant amount of energy. It is this UV light that causes damage to many items left exposed to the Sun, including our skin that becomes sunburn.

Car Window Tinting Perth
Window tinting works to block out the UV light that causes both Sunburn to humans and fading to car interiors. It may do this while keeping most of the visible light, giving glass that is virtually clear, or with obvious dark tinting that reduces some of the visible light along with the UV. Tinting works rather like sunglasses. Decent quality tinting can block out more than 99% of the UV light, with some high end tinting reducing the UV by more than 99.9%.

Good quality window tinting can also prevent the interior of a car from heating up in the Sun. This is a major advantage as a Car left in the Sun will neither suffer internal fading nor make any occupants uncomfortable with high temperatures. This means air conditioning will require less energy and be cheaper to run.

For legal and safety reasons the front windscreen of any vehicle cannot be tinted. This is sensible as some tinting can affect visibility for the driver.

There are many way to make you vehicle look snazzy, and many have long term benefits for the car’s appearance.
Car Wrap Perth – Protects paintwork, as well as providing decoration.
Car Detailing Perth- Car is hygienic, less likely to suffer wear from grime, rust or mould.
Car Advertising Perth – Wrap protects paintwork, as well as advertise a company.

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