Car Window tinting Perth

Car wraps are a vinyl film designed to cover your car’s outer painted surface. They are custom designed to fit each individual car, and can be custom designed to give your car virtually any appearance. Not only does the design of a car wrap look like actual custom paintwork, it actually protects the real paint work underneath.

Modern vinyl technology allows the material to breathe well and stretch to fit the contours of the vehicle. This prevents any problems with correct fit or blistering. The adhesive that bonds the vinyl to the paint allows 24 hours before becoming permanent.

Some private car owners will simply use a car wrap to give their vehicle a stylish look. All or part of the car can be cover in the wrap, and the result can be anything from slick racing stripes to novelty decorations. This is far cheaper than a new paint job, and cheaper than have any design airbrushed.

Commercial Car Wraps.

Car wraps are very popular for commercial vehicles. A company looks very professional with a fleet of matching vehicles either in parked on their premises or driving on the street. Even different types of vehicles, vans, trucks, delivery vehicles, hatchbacks, utilities and sedans, can be given matching colours and designs.

If your company has vehicles you can make use of this to advertise your business. They are already on the road, let them display the team colours at the same time.

Car Window tinting Perth

There is no reason not to combine car modifications. Tinted windows can also be used with a car wrap to completely transform your car.Perfect car selection

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