Hand car wash Perth


Hand car wash Perth PERFECT CARWASH AND DETAILING in Applecross focuses on car detailing by utilizing the latest technology and equipment. Our goal is to recover and maintain our customers’ cars in great condition without using paint. We offer a wide range of services, from the basics of car washing to comprehensive car detailing services. We can […]

Car Window Tinting Perth

Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting Perth Window tinting is put on Cars for several different reasons. Often people just like the look of the darker windows. But the tinting also protects the car’s interior and greatly reduces the heat inside the vehicle. This protection and heat reduction comes form the ability of the tinting to reduce non-visible […]

Dash Camera Perth

Dash Camera Perth

Dash Camera Perth Let’s start with this: a car dash camera automatically records the exterior view from the front of your car. Moreover, dash cams, or car dashboard cameras, are becoming popular among car drivers today. It’s because footage can be used as pieces of evidence for collisions or road accidents. A dash cam is […]

Hot Summer Daze

We have all experienced a car left in the hot summer sun. The temperature on a moderate day can easily reach 35 degrees inside a car in less than an hour, with the steering wheel, dashboard and seats getting much hotter. With Recent Australian summer weather getting over 40 degrees it is often much hotter […]

Car Window Tinting Perth

Car Window Tinting Perth Car manufacturers recognize the advantages of UV and infrared filtering, so modern car often have these filters in their window glass. The removal of UV light greatly reduces damage to the car interior, and the removal of infrared light prevent the cart heating up in the Sun. Owners of cars, including […]

Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting Perth There are both practical and stylistic reasons for putting tinted windows on your car. Car with tinted windows have a snazzy look. It depends on the colour of the car, but tinted windows give many cars a more stylish sporting look. Practical aspects of Automobile Window Tinting Perth Energy from the […]

Car Accessories

Many accessories are just novelties, but a few actually perform useful functions. Apps A smartphone app can locate your car when you forget where you parked it. The car is fitted with a Bluetooth tracking device in the cigarette lighter, which can also charge the phone. Phone and GPS Mounts These can be suction types […]

Car Ceramic Coating Perth

When it comes to a car’s appearance the paintwork is the most salient aspect. There is little that can be done for flawed paintwork other than replace it. Nothing can really compensate in any way for damaged paint. Preserving the appearance and shine of paintwork is the Holy Grail when it comes to the looking […]

Car Detailing Perth

Car Detailing Perth Car detailing looks after the windows, chrome trim, wheel and paintwork of a vehicle. The paintwork is perhaps the most prominent feature. The finish and shine on this painted surface will last far longer and look far better if treated with wax. This is because the wax provides a barrier that protects […]

Hand Car Wash Perth

Hand Car Wash Perth Ordinary tap water may contain minerals. If we use the tap water to clean the car these minerals can end up on the paint surface. This will appear as white streaks, spots or other patterns on the paintwork, sometimes known as hard water spots. These water spots are sometime more noticeable […]