Classic and Luxury Cars

Hi Car wash

Some types of cars need to be washed a little differently to others. And a car’s situation also vary. We should approach accordingly.

Classic Cars
Many of us use our cars on a regular basis, and wash them once a week. But the situation with many classic cars is different – they are often keep on display and driven infrequently. If the car is always in a clean environment it will need few washes; but this is rarely the case. Even being out in the open will see the surface accumulate contaminants from the atmosphere. Occasional cleaning will be necessary.
– It helps to start at the top and work your way down. This prevents and grime and dirt from lower down being spread over other parts of the car.
– Use super soft sheepskin or cotton chenille for cleaning.
– Use car wash liquids, never detergent or soap.
– Clean the wheels last.
– Rinse the whole car with clean water.
– Dry the car with a microfiber towel. Air drying will leave minerals from the water on the surface. Start drying form the top of the car and work down. You may need several towels.

Luxury cars
Appearance is a huge part of the luxury car’s appeal. We want to maintain the look, especially the paintwork.
The painted surface can become hazed over time – it loses its shine. This can be remedied with a clay bar. The car is cleaned as normal before covering its surface with lubricant. The softened clay bar is the run over the wet paintwork.
Polishing is an obvious step if you want a shiny car. But this is the trickiest part of the operations, risking damages if done incorrectly. The polishing tool needs to be constantly re-cleaned lest it scratch the surface. It must be applied with the right way at the right pressure for the same reason.
Car finishes protect from environmental damage. Consider a ceramic coating that provides a barrier between your vehicle and the outside world.

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