Cleaning Car Window Tinting Perth

Poorly maintained window tints look very unattractive. This is much less of an issue today as newer technology has made window tinting much more resilient. And the availability of quality microfiber cloths has made cleaning easier with less risk of damage. Nonetheless a good approach to cleaning tinted windows is always recommended.

The windows should be one of the last things cleaned. The car is subjected to a lot of suds in the cleaning process. There is no point cleaning the windows first only to get them soapy afterwards. The wheels might be the very last thing cleaned; they will not affect the window. But the rest of the car should be clean first.

Windows should be cleaned in the shade, especially on a hot day. If evaporation is too rapid the windows will have water spots, which are unsightly and affect visibility.

Stay away from Ammonia based soaps and cleaners; these will affect the tinting. Most windows are not tinted on the inside, but avoiding ammonia is still good practice as both sides of the window should be cleaned. Avoid using cleaner near the edges of the tint. This can be cleaned with a dry microfiber cloth.

Use microfiber towels. These have quickly become the standard for car cleaning. These cloths are extremely soft, absorb a lot of water, and remove everything from grease to microscopic particles. They harm neither paint nor glass. Cotton seems harsh by comparison.

Car detailing Perth
Proper detailing will look after you window tinting. The professionals have the right equipment and know the right approach. There should be no issues will well maintained windows; the tinting should last the life of the vehicle.

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