Cleaning Jargon

Cleaning Jargon

Cleaning Jargon

Any specialist industry has its own set of terms that refer to objects, concept and practices that are largely unique to that area of expertise. Car detailing is no exception. Some Car cleaning Jargon helps to understand how this particular industry works.

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Degreaser – a solvent that quickly removes oil, grease and other surface impurities from surfaces. There may be different degreasers for paint, rubber or other materials.

Cutting buffer – used to remove uneven surfaces on paint.

Protective coat – usually refers to the clear protective coat that can be applied to paintwork, offering protection from most damage.

Baked dry- a process used to harden paint or clear protective coats. This uses heat to cure the surface materials.

Dwell time – how long a product can be left on an automotive surface.

EPA – ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ – this regulates the type and amount of pollutants that are released into the environment. And regulates the correct disposal of chemical and materials.

Enamel Paint – Paint that has a resin finish, giving a hard glossy surface that looks great on most cars.

AIO – and ‘all in one’ product. These will clean, protect and add a glossy finish.

Foam Lance – the adds suds to the water that comes from a hose.

Wax- A protective coat that is applied to some car paints, which also gives a shiny finish. This is not always needed of the vehicle already has a protective coating.

Layering – was is usually applied in two or more layers, the extra thickness providing more protection.

Body Shop safe – a chemical that is body shop safe will not cause damage or other problems with car paintwork.

Ghosting – When a decal or other ornament is removed form a car the paint underneath will look different , having not been exposed to the environment.


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