Hot Summer Daze

We have all experienced a car left in the hot summer sun. The temperature on a moderate day can easily reach 35 degrees inside a car in less than an hour, with the steering wheel, dashboard and seats getting much hotter. With Recent Australian summer weather getting over 40 degrees it is often much hotter inside a parked car, even when left in the shade. Temperatures over 50 degrees are possible. This is extremely uncomfortable for those getting in the car, and for infants left in the car this is literally life threatening.

There are a few ways to keep a car much cooler. Much of the heat inside a car comes through the windows; the inside of the vehicle heats up like a greenhouse. We can virtually remove this problems by tinting the windows of the car, at least at the side and back.

Car window tinting Perth

It is the infrared heat from the Sun that causes a car to get hot. This infrared energy can be blocked using tinted film on the windows. This tint will reduce both infrared heat energy and Ultraviolet energy that causes sunburn. Yet it will only moderately effecting visible light.

Window film tinting can only be applied to the side and read windows of a vehicle. The front window cannot be legally tinted except at the very top. The legal restriction applies because tinting may have some effect on visibility for the driver, and may prevent others from identifying the person driving the car.

The front windscreen of a car may use an internal sunscreen when parking. This greatly reduces the internal heat when the car is parked.

Car ceramic paint protection coating Perth

The car’s paint can be damaged by harsh and continuous sunlight. Ceramic paint protection like ZENULEASE can preserve the shine and colour of the car’s painted finish.

Window tinting Perth

Car window tinting is a sensible and stylish option for any vehicle.


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