House Window Tinting Perth

House Window Tinting

House Window Tinting Perth

There has been a significant amount of media attention paid to blue light over the past few years. This was something that did not really concern previous generations. But the growing use of computers, and especially smartphones and portable devices, has meant that blue light is now an issue that we all need to be concerned with.

Blue light is the higher frequency light at the very top of our visible range. we can see the colours from red through to blue and everything in-between (think of a rainbow). But there is also light above this range that we cannot see, even though it is there, and even though it affects us. The light immediately above blue is Ultraviolet (UV). This is the energy that causes sunburn. And it can also cause damage (fading or cracking) to paint and upholstery.

We have know for many years that the invisible UV light can be dangerous, so cars and home have had UV protection filters to remove almost all UV light form the Sun. Recently science has discovered that visible blue light, just beneath the Invisible UV, is also dangerous, at least if there is too much of it. Too much blue light will damage the receptors at the back of our eyes. Over time this badly affects our eyesight. The blue light that we are exposed to from computer screens will lead to poor eyesight in old age. This is something we should avoid.

Window tinting on cars and buildings will block out almost all UV light, and reduce the blue light to an acceptable level. This makes it safer, so our eyesight will not be damaged.
House Window Tinting Perth

Homes and buildings can be given window tinting to remove both UV light and infrared heat. They also reduce excessive blue light. This is beneficial at several levels. Reduction of UV prevents damage to house hold furnishings, like carpets, so they will not fade over time. Reduction of infrared energy will noticeably reduce heat in the building, so the home is cooler in summer. This means lower costs for air conditioning. Reducing of blue light means less eyestrain, and minimal damage to our eyes over time.

Consider window tinting for the home, to protect people and furnishing inside, and to reduce heat inside the building.

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