Panel Beating

Panel Beating

Damage to the metal panel work of a car can be repaired by panel beating. This is a highly skilled job. No two situations are identical with damaged panels, so the panel beater must approach and repair each damaged panel with a mind for the best solution. While there are standard techniques there is no set formula for every type of panel damage.

  1. The panel beater finds a dolly that suits the damaged panel. Each car panel is curved in its own way, according to the car design. A dolly is a solid block of metal that corresponds to the correct (undamaged) shape of the car panel.
  2. Selecting a hammer. Panel beating hammers, large to small, are used to restore the shape of the metal.
  3. The dolly must be positioned correctly, and then moved accordingly if it is a large dent.
  4. Light hammering is used to slowly restore the general shape of the mental panel.
  5. Body filler is used to give a completely smooth finish to a repaired panel.

In some cases it is cheaper to replace a body panel than it is to repair a damaged one. On old vehicle it may not be possible to secure a replacement part, so panel beating may be the only resort.

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Help protect your car against damage:

Parking sensor installation Perth

Parking sensors will help prevent dinted panels in cars.

Cars have blind spots, and there are parking places with hidden dangers and protruding surfaces. Even the best driver can occasionally miss these obstacles. Parking sensors will notify you of many dangers that are otherwise missed.

Car recording System Perth

No matter how carefully you might drive there is always the chance that the other driver is at fault. A car recording system will support your claim in court and for the insurance company.

Car ceramic Coating

This will not prevent dents in the car panels, but protective coatings will greatly reduce the fading of paint in strong sunlight, and prevent other paintwork damage from chemicals that the car may be exposed to.

Car Wash Perth

There is a psychological advantage in a clean car. If we look after our vehicles by keeping them clean and functional we also tend to look after then by being careful. This may not deter other people from dangerous driving, but it is a good psychological attitude for us.

The companies that look after car cleaning and detailing also look after safety features and repairs.

Help us keep your car in pristine order and appearance.




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