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Preserving Our Investment

Preserving Our Investment- Car Wash Perth 


A popular 1960’s book, The Waste Makers, claimed that people no longer expected their purchases to last, and that society has developed the habit of quickly buying new products to replace the old ones that soon fail. Much of what was predicted back then has come to pass. The exception is our homes and cars. People expect to keep their homes in the best condition possible. And even if they only intend to keep their cars for a few years they try to maintain the appearance and condition in order to maximise the resale value.


We can maintain the appearance of our cars in a few ways:

Hand car wash Perth

Washing the car is obviously necessary for keeping things clean. But older car wash technology would slowly damage the painted finish.

Our car hand wash techniques will not damage the car’s finish.

And we have special techniques for cleaning tires, windscreen wipers, trim and chrome. This prevents each of these materials from degrading.

Car detailing Perth

This looks after all the fine details of a car, from upholstery seats and interiors to polished chrome finish.

Car ceramic coating Perth

This is a clear protective coating that protects the painted finish of your vehicle. Tis prevents fading in the sun, and protects against physical damage from mud or grime.

Window tinting Perth

Most people like tinting because it looks flash. But it also keeps out 99.9% of UV light. This prevents fading on your car seats and interior.

Rear parking sensors installation Perth

These can prevent many parking accidents, warning you when the vehicle is too close to an external object.


We do better to look after our vehicle, whether we continue to drive it for years to come, or if we sell it in order to buy a new vehicle.

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