Panel Beating – Car Wash Perth

Accidents will cause damage to your vehicle. Some damage is cosmetic; some damage prevents the car from operating correctly. Any damaged panels are at least of cosmetic concern; at times they may be tied to more serious vehicle problems. Even with the most minor incidences a damaged panel will affect the value of the car. Panel beating can restore the appearance of a damaged surface and make it indistinguishable from a new part.

Panel Beating

Damaged Panels can be:

  • Realigned with the body underneath
  • Shrunk or stretched
  • Plenished –fine shaping and smoothing, to restore the original panel shape
  • Welded, if two or more pieces need to be joined
  • Gap filled- sometimes putty is used to fill in gaps, restoring the original shape.
  • Sanded – to shape the panel and completely smooth the surface.
  • Spray painted – to bring the panel back to factory finish.

Panel Beating

Any visible car damage may indicate more serious damage in the car’s main body. Always have you car checked after any accident, even if problems seems minor. Damage can affect insurance, registration and car performance. A fully functioning car is always the best vehicle to drive.

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