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Should I Have Company Cars Detailed?

Car Detailing Perth

As well as the many private vehicles we drive a few of us have company vehicles. These may be neat looking company cars for general transport, or they might be trade vehicles that are outfitted for a specific type of work. Either way, if we want to make a good impression on clients we should keep these vehicles neat and clean.

General company cars look great when cleaned and detailed. Car cleaning on the outside of a vehicle looks after the paintwork, the tires, the chrome, and glass. Detailing on the inside looks after upholstery, seat, dashboards, carpets and generally deodorized the car.

Trade vehicles are somewhat different to other cars. The vans, utilities and light trucks used for trade work are usually outfitted with storage compartments, draws, roof racks, cargo barriers, floor mats, and other facilities to carry equipment and supplies. These storage spaces are designed for easy access, transportation safety, and help keep chemicals like cleaning products from damaging the vehicle.

Trade vehicles need to be cleaned as any vehicle need to be cleaned. This can be a little complex when cleaning the inside as the storage compartments contain many corners and surfaces that might harbor cleaning chemicals and grease. But looking after this is important for maintaining the vehicle.

Some specialized work vehicles for Car Wash Perth include:

  • Electrician’s vehicles
  • Plumbers vehicles.
  • Small Mining vehicles.
  • Cleaning company vehicles.
  • Air conditioning installers.
  • Security Installation.
  • Pest exterminator vehicles.
  • Delivery Vans.

Work Car Detailing Perth

Have your professional or private vehicle cleaned and detailed on a regular basis. Convey a professional image for your clients with immaculate equipment and work facilities.

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