Vehicle Detailing Perth

Vehicle Detailing Perth


Car Detailing Perth

The old adage was that the devil was in the details. The seemingly little details of any project may be the thing that make or break the end result. We can see this with a detailed car. It looks better, even better than a car that has simply been cleaned. The overall effect is much better because all the little details shine, so the car itself really shines.

Auto detailing cleans and polishes and possibly restores all the surfaces of a car, producing that brand new ‘show quality’ look. This can be a complex process as there are many different materials used in any one car, and every car has a different combination of surfaces. No one cleaning product will do every surface, and some cleaning products can actually be harmful if used in the wrong place. So every car has to be approached as an individual project.

Elements of any car include:


  • Paintwork to be clean, polished and glossy with wax.
  • Chrome trim
  • Windows absolutely spotless
  • Wheels black
  • Rubber wipers and window seals

A complex issue here is that the products that clean the paint can be harmful to rubber. The ammonia cleaners once used for windows would quickly damage rubber wipers and tyres.


  • Vacuuming
  • Some steam cleaning, especially with carpets
  • Decontamination, perhaps with ozone
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Leather cleaning
  • Vinyl cleaning
  • The interior of the window needs to be cleaned. This requires care it the windows have internal tint film.


Car Ceramic Coating Perth

A protective coat will keep the vehicle’s paintwork in pristine condition much longer. Ceramic coatings prevent the paint from fading in the Sun’s UV rays. And they physically protect paint from the scratches causes by mud, dust, or other contaminants.


Hand Car Wash Perth

Regular cleaning should be regarded as part of car maintenance. The car works far better if we have it looked after, and we drive better if we look after our vehicles.


Vehicle Detailing Perth

Vehicle Detailing Perth

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