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What Ruins Paint

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Car paint can be bought to a fine polish when it is kept in good condition. But there are some situations and substances can damage paint, leaving it unable to be properly polished, ruining a car’s appearance. We should avoid these things:

Dirty Cleaning equipment
The tiniest piece of grime will scratch paintwork. Either this means a hairline scratch, or a finish that look dull.

Nobody would deliberately put coffee on paintwork, but we might leave a morning cup of coffee on the hood while waiting for it to cool. This can leave a circular stain on the paintwork. There is a reason why we use coasters under cups!

Bird Droppings
These is an acidic content to this that ruins paintwork.

We see this on some older cars, a stain under the fuel cap.

Brake fluid
This is similar to paint thinner, and will badly discolour and partly remove paint.

This chemically reacts with the paint to give the surface a tar like colour.

This causes corrosion in many vehicles, if only because the snow turns to water.

Shaving Cream
If not removes quickly the paint will discolour.

Not directly avoidable, but as we should stay out of the Sun to avoid sunburn so we should also protect the car. Have a clear protective coating to avoid fading paint.
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Look after the vehicle that you take pride in. Car wash looks after the paintwork. Detailing looks after trim and upholstery. Have us look after your vehicle.

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