Window Cleaning

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Cleaning Windows requires some skill, all the more so because there is more than one type of window. The windows in cars are quite different to the more common glass windows in most homes, and correct cleaning of car windows requires the right techniques and materials.

Materials Window Car Wash

Cleaners for car windows must be free from ammonia and alcohol. These chemicals will leave streaks on plain glass and ruin tinting. They will also ruin rubber around the windows and risk damaging the fine interior when cleaning the inside surface of the window.

Car windows are best cleaned with a microfiber towel. The soft material of these microfibers will remove particles from glass without scratching. The electrostatic charge they produce will make sure the grease and dirt will be cleaned off and not simply move about the window surface.

Technique Hand Car Wash Perth

Use separate microfiber cloths to apply and remove cleaning products. Fold towels in quarters to help apply pressure. Remove the cleaning products with a straight up-and-down motion rather than in circles. Have several spare microfiber cloths to replace the cloths that get dirty.

Part of a window is always hidden when it is retracted, and a small part around the rim is hidden when the window is fully closed. Start by lowering all the windows and cleaning the rim. Then fully close the windows and clean the rest of the window surface.

The insides of windows must be cleaned as well. This is easier if the car is cool as high temperatures will cause the cleaning liquids to evaporate.

Side mirrors must also be cleaned.


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