Window Tinting Perth

Window Tinting Perth

We have been warned about the dangers of excess Sun exposure for the last two generations. This advice was later tempered by the discovery that human physiology needs at least some Sunlight in order to produce vitamin D. We are habitually getting too much Sun exposure on our bodies, and should restrict this to early morning and evening. But our cars, home interiors, furniture and possessions almost always benefit from as much Sun protection as possible.

Visible light from the Sun is essential and hardly ever harmful. But just beyond this visible light spectrum is the dangerous ultraviolet light and the infrared heat. The ultraviolet light (UV) just above the visible causes short term sunburn and raises long term cancer risk. The Infrared Light (IR) below the visible causes overheating, at least on sunny days. Both of these can be harmful and we do well to use sunscreen to shield ourselves from them.

Cars and houses can suffer damage from UV and IR. These will fade and crack paint, upholstery, furniture, leather and many other products.  We do well to shield car and home interiors from UV and IR light.

Car Window Tinting Perth

Using tinted film on your car windows will protect the vehicle’s interior. Blocking the infrared light prevents the car from heating up in the Sun, though a reflective internal protection on the windscreen will also be nessesary. Blocking the Ultraviolet light will prevent vehicle’s interior from fading or other damage. Tinting on windows gives the driver and any passengers a much more comfortable experience.

For legal and safety reasons the front windscreen of a car cannot be tinted. We suggest an internal Sunshade for the windscreen when parking.

House Window Tinting Perth

House window tinting works on the same principle as car window tinging. Ordinary glass blocks some UV light (about 25%), but quality tinted windows will block 99.9%. This means carpets, furniture and curtains will not suffer fading or cracking. In the past homeowners had drawn the curtains to protect the house interior, but these curtains are still subject to UV damage, and most of the natural Sun light was blocked. This meant electric lighting was required, raising the power bills.

Tinted window film lowers power bills during the day by allowing the use of natural light without UV. They further lower power bills by blocking infrared light, allowing the house to be cooler with much less uses of air conditioning.

Car Detailing Perth

As the name implies Car detailing looks after all the details of a car’s appearance – the shiny chrome, the upholstery …etc. It helps considerably if these interior items have not suffered any Sun damage. By removing UV and IR the tinted Windows help preserve the car interior.

Car Ceramic paint Protection Coating Perth

As tinted windows protect the inside of a vehicle so ceramic paint protection protects the outside. These paint protectors last several years, and prove more cost effective and less time consuming than regularly repeated waxing.


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